Arkema Introduces TIPPOX 2028 Thermal Stabilizer for PMMA

Arkema’s long history of providing expertise in the PMMA industry uniquely positions the Group as a specialty material provider to resolve challenges customers encounter.

TippoxTM 2028 stabilizer expertly addresses the issue of PMMA thermal stabilization, which is essential for efficient processing. By enabling higher processing temperature and higher throughput, while reducing defects and VOCs, TippoxTM 2028 stabilizer saves customers on operational costs.

TippoxTM 2028 outperforms typical competitor stabilizers, limiting bubble formation, and improving thermal stability with no compromise in mechanical properties, as it may happen with acrylate co-monomers.

We are very excited to launch our TippoxTM 2028 stabilizer. Helping PMMA players to achieve higher performance and potentially lower VOCs is another example of how Arkema is delivering solutions for a more sustainable world.”