Altech ECO PC: Sustainable and flame retardant

MOCOM now offers a recyclate-based and flame-retardant polycarbonate, thus combining the properties of flame retardancy and sustainability for the first time. The compound contains a mix of post-industrial and post-consumer recyclate and is part of the Altech® ECO portfolio. Altech® ECO PC is available in Europe and in China and America upon request.

Altech® ECO PC combines all requirements: the ECO product passes the demanding UL94 5VA test with a simultaneous high glow wire temperature. The tests, both with open flame and heated wire, not only evaluate the flame resistance of the materials, but also their dripping behavior. The compound contains 76% sustainable polymer raw materials, and nevertheless the use of halogens is avoided when it comes to flame retardancy. The coloring capability is still given and options for outdoor applications remain.

Stefan Zepnik, Director Technical Service Center at MOCOM: “Flame retardancy as a property is a common requirement in the electrical and electronics segments. Due to the expansion of the mobility sector it is becoming an important requirement in the automotive industry. In particular, the shift to electric engines is opening up a large area of application for plastics. Also, using more sustainable materials in many areas has become part of standard practice. It is therefore a logical step to combine both properties in one compound to design products with special requirements for the future.”